Travel Tips to Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon National Park is over one million acres of beautiful wilderness and the second most visited National Park in the United States. Touring it by helicopter is a great way to appreciate its immensity. Helicopter Tours Available The two flight choices for South Rim chopper tours are based on length of the flight. The long flight takes around an hour and the short one last about a half an hour. You can upgrade to a deluxe version of either tour, which lets you fly in a smooth-riding EcoStar 130 helicopter. I think the price difference is money well spent. These choppers are made for sightseeing with huge wraparound windshields, comfortable climate control, and roomy cabins with stadium seating. The scenery on these tours is breathtaking, even if you take the short flight. Flights take off from Grand Canyon National Park Airport, just outside the Park’s main gates. After flying over Kaibab National Forest, they head to Dragoon Corridor, the widest, deepest and most dramatic section of the canyon. The helicopters fly from the South Rim to the North Rim and back again. The longer version of the flight covers the same beautiful section of the National Park, but also takes you over the highest point in the canyon known as Imperial Point, Desert Watchtower, Painted Desert, Zuni Corridor, and the East Rim. Choices The longer tour might cost more, but you will get to experience more of the natural landmarks in the Park. The Grand Canyon is such a magnificent place that you won’t want to shortchange yourself by going on the cheap if you can swing one of the longer flights. Federal regulations prevent Grand Canyon choppers from flying below the South Rim’s edge and landing on the canyon floor. If you want that particular experience, you’ll need to take a West Rim landing tour. If you want to take a chopper tour to the West Rim, you have to fly out of Las Vegas. There aren’t any flights between the South and West Rims. You can, however, take a great new landing tour at the South Rim. It includes a sunset Jeep ride that takes you to some unusual, hard-to-reach spots. The 4×4 is usually pretty close to Hopi Point at sunset, which is a pretty breathtaking sight. These tours begin late in the afternoon so your Jeep ride coincides with the sunset, these tours are very popular and fill up fast. There is a reason this tour is so popular, the views at sunset are fantastic! Bookings You should definitely try to book your seats as early as one week in advance. There are a few reasons why I think this is the best strategy: 1. You have a better chance of getting the tour you really want 2. The date and departure time are more likely to be available 3. You will pay less money Any one of those is enough to make me book in advance. Although a week ahead of time is good, even earlier is ideal during the peak summer season. You never know, you might get the seats you want at the last minute, but it is a big risk. Plus, it is very hard to get same-day seats when you have multiple people in your party. Summary The cost of Grand Canyon tour tickets might be too high for you, but here are some suggestions. First of all, book your seats online. Be sure to do it on the tour company’s site. You will pay more if you buy your tickets from Travelocity, Expedia, or Viator. The tour companies? own websites always post the lowest prices, and you don’t have to look hard at all. These discount rates are easy to find since they are usually posted right on the front home page.

Practical Travel Tips to Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is one of the best reasons for living in and visiting the United States. The vast natural forest is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna and it’s been preserved so well that pleasant and exciting surprises await the adventurous visitor. If you’re planning a trip to Yellowstone soon, here are some travel tips you can use for your safety and security: Be aware of prevailing conditions but be ready for anything Yellowstone is like a whole different world in itself. Conditions vary here, changing easily from calm to stormy within just 24 hours. When traveling to Yellowstone, always check weather conditions in the area and use precautions to ensure your safety for the trip. Practice defensive driving. The area going to and within Yellowstone is often used by both humans and animals. Be especially aware of distracted drivers, animal crossing and other related incidents. These will result to travel delays, so be very patient. Bring all necessary gear and supplies When traveling to Yellowstone, bring all the basics with you in terms of food, water, clothing and survival gear. Having sufficient supply of clean water is essential since water from the park itself is not guaranteed safe. Drinking water from streams, lakes, ponds or creeks that have not been boiled or treated could put you at risk of intestinal infestations and infections. Even water from thermal pools isn’t safe for consumption. They have been known to cause serious burns in numerous visitors over the years. As for equipment, think of worst-case scenarios. Bring a tent, weather-resistant clothing and other survival equipment such as lighters, all-purpose knives, flashlights, first aid kits, etc. to ensure your personal safety and protection. Take care of your trash Food, food scraps, containers, tissues and other materials that end up in your trash should be disposed of properly. During travel to Yellowstone, be aware that the trash you leave behind could have a negative impact not just on the environment but also on the animal residents of the area. Think safety, regardless of where you are When entering Yellowstone, know that you are at the mercy of Nature. Your only defense is correct information and common sense. When traveling to Yellowstone or participating in the numerous activities available there, be aware of animal activity. Bears, for example, are just a few of the natural threats that you have to watch out for. When driving, walking, hiking or camping, be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye out for signs of animal activity that might expose you to danger unnecessarily. Follow regulations Yellowstone maintains a strict system for its camps and backcountry areas. Be aware of all regulations that are in place not just to ensure you don’t violate any rules but also for your own personal safety. Certain activities also require permits. Camping, for example, is allowed only in certain designated areas. Permits for overnight stays have to be obtained personally in advance, so check with the administrative office for information. Enjoy yourself Yellowstone is too beautiful to ignore. When traveling, bring a camera to capture the scenic routes and spectacular views. As long as you keep safety and security measures in mind, you can be assured of a very enjoyable trip to Yellowstone again and again.

Etosha National Park Budget Travel

About Etosha National Park Etosha National Park is situated in Namibia. Etosha National Park backpacking tours are ideal for the adventure traveller with a love for nature. Etosha National Park Budget Travel Etosha National Park budget travel is very easy with great value for money backpacking tours and fantastic highlights. Below is useful information on Etosha National Park to help you plan your budget holiday in Etosha National Park. We offer a variety of budget tours and backpacking advice in Etosha National Park. Airports The nearest Etosha National Park airports include: • Hosea Kutako Windhoek International Airport • Private airstrips within the park Birdlife Etosha National Park birdlife includes some 340 bird species, with a wide range of beautiful habitats including salt pans, wetlands and sparse grasslands. The area is famous for its huge flamingo populations, which include Greater and Lesser flamingos which can be seen in their hundreds across the pans. Etosha is also the only place where the rare Egyptian vulture can be seen fairly often. Conservation Etosha National Park conservation is one of the country’s top examples of good conservation practices, and the area is one of the largest conservation safari areas in Africa. A wide number of protected species can be found in the park, and with careful border controls and good funding, the park has had a high success rate for the preservation and conservation of key species. Culture Etosha National Park cultures include the following: • Himba tribe architecture dates back centuries • Himba traditions are passed on from generation to generation • Bushmen traditions are based on the hunter gatherer history of the tribes • Bushmen tracking is an ancient skilled passed down from many generations • Crafts are an important skill and income for many tribes in the park Health Etosha National Park health concerns include an outbreak of cholera, which has claimed a number of lives. Other health risks include malaria, tick bite fever, rabies and sleeping sickness so be sure to take precautions against insects. The nearest health care facilities are situated in Windhoek, and while some of the larger camps within the park may have airfields, many don’t so hospitals are fairly far away. AIDS Etosha National Park HIV/AIDS precautions include the following: • Don’t ever share needles or syringes • Practice safe sex at all times • Equipment should be sterilized • If you require self-administered injections, take an adequate supply of your own needles Vaccinations Etosha National Park inoculations include: • Diphtheria • Hepatitis A • Malaria • Rabies • Tetanus • Typhoid • Yellow Fever (if coming from an infected zone) Languages Etosha National Park languages include: • English • Afrikaans • Otjiherero • Nama/Damara Money Etosha National Park money and banking information includes: • There are banks and ATM’s in Windhoek, the nearest city to the park • Most of the camps accept credit cards but not all accept cards • The best bet is to draw cash in Windhoek to be prepared • US Dollars are often accepted at large camps • Travellers cheques can be exchanged in Windhoek at fairly good rates Phrase Etosha National Park local phrases in Afrikaans include: • Good morning – Goeimore • How are you? – Hoe gaan dit? • I’m fine – Goed • Please – Asseblief • Thank you – Dankie Plants Etosha National Park plants were once lush forests, and the pan itself was filled with water. When the lake dried into the salt pan it is today, vegetation developed into the yellowed open grasslands and mopane woods it is now. Plant species include thorny trees and a range of grasses and scrub. People Etosha National Park people include the following tribes: • Himba • Bushmen Safety Tips • Stay in your car at all times when you are on game drives, and listen to your guide’s instructions • Do not leave the camp areas alone, especially after dark • Remember that you are in a park filled with wild, potentially dangerous animals ‘ do not ever attempt to touch or feed any animal • The park closes its gates between sunrise and sunset, so make sure you get to camp before the sun goes down, or be prepared to sleep in the car • While crime is very low, it is advised to lock all valuables into a hotel safe and don’t leave anything lying around which could be too tempting to resist Travel Books Etosha National Park recommended travel books include: • Trees and shrubs of the Etosha National Park by Cornelia Berry • Birds of the Etosha National Park by R. A. C Jensen • Checklist: Etosha National Park by Blythe Loutit • Etosha National Park by Hu Berry and Gerald Cubitt • Etosha: A Visual Souvenir by Daryl Balfour and Sharna Balfour Visa Requirements Get more information on visas in Namibia Wildlife Etosha National Park wildlife is rich and diverse, with about 114 mammal species, 110 reptile species, 16 amphibian species and 1 species of fish to be found across the park’s habitats. Visitors can expect to see a wide number of game species, including elephant, lion, buffalo and many types of antelope, and a range of game drive options are available though the various camps. When To Go • Winter months from May to September is best for game viewing • November to March is best for bird watching • The hottest months are between October and April • The rainy season runs from December to March, when the water holes fill up • August to September offers the best weather conditions 2010 World Cup Etosha National Park 2010 statistics are as follows: • The Namibia national team are nicknamed the Brave Warriors • They have never qualified for the World Cup finals • The team have achieved a few Round 1 placements in Africa Cup of Nations games • Namibia’s team is headed by coach Tom Saintfiet from Germany • Their biggest win was 8 – 2 to Benin in 2002.

Grand Canyon National Park Float Tours Are the Perfect National Park Day Trip

Back in the old days, people on family vacations to Grand Canyon National Park stopped at a couple of lookouts and that was about it. Today, more people are ditching the self-guided driving tour in favor of float tours. You only need a single day to enjoy this type of tour, and it will deliver a Grand Canyon experience never to be forgotten. These experiences are great for couples or groups of friends, but they are also perfect for families since you only need to be four-years-old to participate. There are many companies offering this type of tour on the Colorado River, but the best outfitters operate from Las Vegas or the South Rim area of the national park. Las Vegas outfitters only go to the West Rim, so you will explore the lowest portions of the river. This rafting trip starts off with an exciting helicopter ride to the floor of the canyon. From the floor, a motor coach takes visitors to the base of the Hoover Dam and it’s here wherein the 11-mile rafting adventure begins. Grand Canyon float tours will end at Willow Beach in Arizona. If you choose to book 1 day Grand Canyon rafting trips on the South Rim, you will start at Glen Canyon Dam and end at Lee’s Ferry. There are two options for this type of floating tour, but the most preferred trip starts out with a bus ride from the airport in the park to Page, Arizona, which takes about 2.5 hours. Along the way, you will see beautiful and educational sights from the Navajo Indian Reservation to the Painted Desert. After passing through a two-mile-long tunnel through the base of Glen Canyon Dam, the bus arrives at the boat dock. These adventure boats will hold up to seventeen passengers at a time. While this tour goes on for fifteen miles of water, there are several stopping points where the beauties of the canyon can be enjoyed. For example, after a short walk you’ll see ancient Native American drawings on a rock wall. Lee’s Ferry is the ending point for these tours, and that is also the starting point for white water rafting tours. The second South Rim float trip starts with a flight to Page (Arizona) Airport. Some of the sights you will see on this tour include the Zuni Corridor, Colorado River Confluence and the Desert Watchtower. A 4×4 ride through Antelope Valley kicks off this extended float tours. Your ticket for this type of tour will usually include return transportation to the airport, all rental equipment, and lunch. A certified river pilot guides each tour. You will depend on your guide to see you through the canyon and ensure you are educated and entertained every step of the way. If you go for 1 day Grand Canyon rafting tours in the summer, make sure to show up prepared for the heat. You will need a variety of supplies for this type of trip, including: SPF lip balm, sun block, hat, sandals, and sunglasses. You’ll probably get wet, so pack an extra set of clothes. Families and groups of all ages can enjoy this type of Grand Canyon tour. Even kids as young as four can participate. Make sure to plan for an entire day away, since these tours are day trips. These smooth water trips typically sell out early, so you need to book your trip as much in advance as possible. I also suggest you book your tour online, because that’s where you’ll find the best prices and promotions.

National Park Vacation At Borneo’s Mesilau Nature Park, An Alternative To Kinabalu National Park

One of the most popular Borneo destinations is undoubtedly Kinabalu National Park, where Mount Kinabalu resides. Each year, thousands of visitors visited Kinabalu National Park for either a refreshing National Park Vacation to escape the hot tropical sun and catch a glimpse of the highest mountain in South East Asia, or to conquer the mystical Mount Kinabalu. Nevertheless, for a unique National Park Vacation in Borneo, you must make sure that you drop by at the lesser known Mesilau Nature Park, which is just about 30 minutes by road away from Kinabalu National Park. From Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah, Malaysia Borneo, it only takes approximately 2.5 hour drive to reach Mesilau Nature Park. Mesilau Nature Park is located within the vicinity of Kinabalu National Park on the Pinosok Plateau near Kundasang town. The stretch of the road from Kundasang town to Mesilau Nature Park, which is about 2,000 metres above sea level, is extremely steep and winding. However, the road condition has improved immensely in recent times, which makes the ascending ride a breeze. On the way, you will surely be captivated by the spectacular views of the Kundasang valley with terraced hill slopes planted with highlands vegetables, and parts of the scenic beauty of the Kundasang Mount Kinabalu Golf Course, a challenging 18-hole golf course for avid golfers, undeniably, the highest golf course in South East Asia. But once you get to Mesilau Nature Park, you will notice that the place is more natural and “virgin” than the now “commercialized” Kinabalu National Park. As the Park lies at the base of Mount Kinabalu, Mount Kinabalu will look even more spectacular with a sheer wall of granite towering a few thousand meters from the virgin forest floor and ending in jagged peaks. This breathtaking sight is aptly called the Mesilau Pinnacles. To experience the best of what Mesilau can offer, you will need to spend a night or two at the eco-friendly Mesilau Nature Resort, which is nestled amongst the trees at the foot of the mountain within the Park. The Resort itself is amazing since it was carefully planned and built to blend into its natural surrounding. The chalets are on slopes surrounded by trees with the full view of the Mesilau River flowing below. And for food, the Kedamaian Restaurant is famous for its piping hot steamboat, and barbecue dinners, which makes it a good excuse to stay overnight. Mesilau Nature Park is also the starting point for the alternative and more challenging route up Mount Kinabalu. If you are of an adventurous kind, do trek the route up to a kilometres or two even if you are not planning to climb Mount Kinabalu. Since the Mesilau Summit Trail is relatively newer and less crowded than the old summit trail, your chance of encountering (tamed) wildlife is also brighter. One prominent feature of the route is the seemingly abundance of orchids (Rhododendrons) and pitcher plants. The world’s largest pitcher plant, the “Nepenthes Rajah”, is recorded to grow in abundance here. For most visitors, a less taxing guided nature walk around the Park is recommended. It will leave you with lasting “natural” memories. Mesilau will not fail to enchant you with its cool temperate climate (temperatures vary around 17-21 degree Celcius during the day and 10-15 degree Celcius at night) and serene surroundings as a truly astonishing nature’s paradise. Mesilau Nature Park and its Resort is an ideal venue for relaxation or retreat. The bio-diversity of the flora and fauna found here makes Mesilau a haven for naturalists. It is one of the best locations in Borneo for an unforgettable National Park Vacation.

Preparing Yourself For An Ocean City Adventure

Ocean City is also called OC for short. It is a town filled with resorts and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. It is located in Worchester County, Maryland. This town is very popular in the United State’s mid-Atlantic region. It is also a favorite destination for tourists, travelers and vacationers. The town has 7,173 inhabitants as of the 2000 census.

The city is a fun-filled beach destination along the coast of the Maryland. It is a famous destination among families particularly in the East Coast. It is often referred to as a “kid-friendly city” owing to the fact that it has a vast number of water parks, amusement parks and beaches as well as boardwalks along with numerous hotels and restaurants.

Majority of the luxury accommodations of this town come in forms of coastal resorts and skyscrapers. Furthermore, you can find exclusive hotels and condominiums within the area.

Finding Luxury Hotels in Ocean City

Follow some tips below and you are sure to have a wonderful time in Ocean City. You will need a map, valid credit card and a computer with an Internet access to get started.

Choosing the Right Hotel for You
You can book luxurious accommodations in this city or town by calling its local Visitors and Convention Bureau as well as the Department of Tourism. You can contact them at 800-626-2326. You can also book your accommodations through the hotel website.

You may want to consider condominium lodging along the beachfront for a very relaxing view of the seas. Do anything you want to do such as surfing, relaxing on the beach and kiting. This location is near the ocean side restaurants and shops. Most luxury resorts provide onsite nightclubs, spas, golf packages and Wi-Fi access.

Condominium rentals are not cheap but they provide the best accommodations and views worth every penny. They cost approximately 300 to 700 dollars a week. You will get to enjoy using its onsite facilities as well as having a private balcony.

Seek for luxurious accommodations set within the southern portion of Ocean City. This way, you are just a few yards away from the popular boardwalk. Shops, restaurants, entertainment and waterslides are just a few minutes away. You can also take the kids to the “Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum” located along the boardwalk.

Preparing for your Stay in an Ocean City Hotel
The first thing that you have to remember is to take the road. The main routes that lead to the city are Highway 1 and Interstate 50. The Interstate 50 route provides a more scenic view than Highway 1. You will see kite flyers, sandy beaches and the hustle and bustle of the boardwalk. In addition, you will greatly enjoy seeing and admiring the beautiful ocean water.
On the other hand, you can ride a bike for a tour. It is considered as one of the best transportation mode in the area. If you are on a tight budget, just bring your own bicycle, as rentals can be costly. Some rental shops require big deposit payments.

Visit the main attractions. Ask the concierge for suggestions and recommendations is you do not know where to start. Prioritize the main landmarks that make the city famous. Other worthwhile visits are those that largely make up the Ocean City’s history.

Popular Hotels At Lake Yellowstone

Yellowstone is abundant of many historical places and natural attractions. It is one of the more popular tourist destinations by travelers all over the world. The preserved wildlife is one of the assets of Yellowstone, with so many wild animals kept at their natural habitats.

There are hotels and cabins located at the Lake Yellowstone that provides excellent services to tourists.

Lake Yellowstone Hotel

The Lake Yellowstone Hotel is one of the oldest and famous hotels in the area. It was built in 1891. It was then renovated in 1903 to showcase a colonial style luxury hotel. Robert Reamer has contributed with the design structure of the hotel. He added 15 balconies, extended the roof and designed the ionic column that made the hotel known as the Lake Colonial Hotel.

This famous hotel is a four-storey property with 304 guestrooms, all decorated with a traditional setting. It maintains the historic identity of the hotel. Further development has been made which gave way to build an additional dining room and sunroom and redecorated its interior which is present until now.

The hotel comes with a spacious dining room, catering to large groups of guests. Along the premises are many stalls offering packed lunches, ideal for guests in a rush.
The lobby features a gift and souvenir item shops.
A shuttle service is offered for those going to and fro the Fishing Bridge.
Guestrooms and cabins range from the most economical to the most extravagant. The hotel boasts of its achievement of being included in the National Register of Historic Places in 1991.
Guestroom Amenities:
Spacious bathrooms
Coffee maker
Room service
Non-smoking rooms
The location of the hotel is convenient for many outdoor activities like:
Scuba diving
Horseback riding
Hotel Amenities:
Business center
ATM machines
Multilingual staff
Free parking
Money changer
Handicapped-accessible rooms and facilities
Smoke alarm
Room sprinklers
Security guards
Lake Lodge Cabins

The Lake Lodge Cabins is located at the Lake Village Area in Yellowstone. It consists of 186 spacious cabins ideal for a quiet retreat from a noisy city. It is a good place for people who love adventure.

Lake Lodging Cabins has a large porch where guests can enjoy the serene view of the lake. Stroll around the natural walkways around the area and enjoy the relaxing ambience with the cool breeze of fresh air.

The staff will always be available to assist you on travel routes outside the cabins.
Cabins are provided with electric heater and panelled walls, and two double beds and a bathroom. There is a small dining room good for two to three persons.
Laundry is self-service.

Pet-friendly Hotels In Yellowstone

A pet-friendly hotel is ideal for guests who could not afford to leave their pets at home while going on a vacation.

Here is a list:

Clubhouse Inn West Yellowstone

The Clubhouse Inn West Yellowstone is one of the pet-friendly hotels in West Yellowstone. It is conveniently located near the entrance gate of the Yellowstone National Park and many other attractions ideal for skiing, snowmobiling, boating and fishing.

It is a three-storey hotel with 77 guestrooms, all equipped with contemporary amenities.

The hotel’s pet policy states that:

Two dogs of any size is allowed on each guestroom
Pets are allowed for free
Pets are only allowed at the ground floor

Hotel amenities include:

Heated indoor swimming pool
Fitness center
Laundry service
Continental breakfast
Free computer use located at the lobby

Super 8 Motel

The Super 8 Motel at West Yellowstone was built in 1986. It was renovated in 1998 to improve and expand its amenities. It is also a pet-friendly hotel.

Super 8 Motel consists of 44 guestrooms which feature basic amenities.

Hotel Amenities:

Complimentary breakfast
Laundry services
Hair dryer
Free high-speed wireless Internet
Handicapped- friendly facilities
No-smoking policy
Free parking

Kelly Inn Yellowstone

Another pet friendly hotel is the Kelly Inn Yellowstone. It is a three-storey building located at West Yellowstone, Montana. The 78 guestrooms are spacious and comfortable, with an interior decoration reflective of the Yellowstone National Park.

Room amenities include:

Microwave oven
Free breakfast
High-speed wireless Internet access
King beds or queen beds

The hotel’s pet policy allows its guests to bring a maximum of two dogs of any size, free of charge. Dogs are only allowed at the ground floor level.

Hotel amenities:

Swimming pool
Wheelchair accessible rooms and facilities
No smoking rooms
Data port

There are varieties of beautiful attractions you can visit during your stay here. Along the hotel’s area are plenty of restaurants which serve exotic and delicious meals.

Best Western Crosswinds Motor Inn

The Best Western Crosswinds Motor Inn has 70 newly-renovated guestrooms. This hotel accepts guests with pets. Only one pet for each guestroom is permitted, free of charge.

Major tourist destinations such as the Yellowstone National Park, Hebgen Lake and the Old Faithful Geyser are easily accessible from the hotel. Activities such as hiking, fly-fishing and hunting can be enjoyed at the Gallatin National Forest, just a few steps from the hotel.

Guestroom amenities:

High-speed Internet access
Cable TV with HBO channel
Microwave oven
Complimentary continental breakfast

Hotel Amenities:

Indoor heated pool
Free parking
Airport shuttle service
Handicapped accessible facilities
Room service

Guests can also have a fun experience on some of the activity areas like the Big Sky Ski Resort and the Rendezvous Ski Trail. They can also have a tour at the Grizzly Discovery Center and the renowned IMAX Theater.

The hotel staff provides assistance in any of your touring schedules.

Kruger National Park – Traveling Tips

Kruger National Parks location is in the county of South Africa, the eastern half touches Mozambique and the northern tip touches Zimbabwe. The park is huge and covers 7,332 sq miles! The park is home to around 336 trees, 49 fish, 34 amphibians, 114 reptiles, 507 birds and 147 mammals, and quite possibly more! Fact is the BIG 5 (Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Cape Buffalo, Leopard) are all found in the park. There are so many animals to see at Kruger so you need to bring a large capacity memory card for your camera and time to enjoy exploring Kruger National Park.

First off you need to know how you get to the park. The first option is flying into Johannesburg airport (JNB) and renting a 4×4 to drive around 420 km to Kruger Parks Pretoria/Southern gate. The Second is Flying into the Kruger Park area so you won’t have to travel by car so long. You would fly into one of the three airports: Nelspruit, Hoedspruit, or Phalaborwa, then rent your 4×4 and travel shortly into the park.

Exploring Kruger Park can be done either by self guided or by a tour guide. Discovering Kruger by yourself can be a thrilling experience. You would need to do your research ahead of time to figure out all about the park and the best places to go. You would also need to schedule ahead the places you would be lodging at and making sure you know where to buy food and store it.

There are benefits to self exploring and hiring a tour guide. With the self guided option you can do your own tour at your own pace. If you choose to go with a safari park tour, the tour guide will handle everything for you all you need to do is show up with your camera! Finding the right African photo safari tour will require you to surf the web and check out different sites to see which one sparks your interest. The variations of different tours to Kruger National Park are quite vast, so there is an excellent chance you will find what you are looking for. Also some safari tours have the option that allows you to create your own safari!

When you get to Kruger Park you will realize that you are in for a world class adventure. The park is home to a large variety of animals. Many more than at your local zoo. To add to your experience it is best to buy an illustrated field guide on the animals in Kruger Park. So when you come across an animal you can look it up and read information all about it.

You can’t leave your home without having a great camera to take memorable pictures of your experience. A good camera will cost you some $$, but it is so worth it. Some of the best brands of cameras are Nikon & Cannon. Don’t forget to look for a quality zoom in the camera. You can search on the web to find the best one for your price range. Remember, pictures are worth a thousand words, so make your pictures worth it!

The weather in Kruger Park will vary depending upon what time of the year you will be coming on safari. The park is in the subtropical climate, meaning the summer days will be hot and humid up to above 100 degree Fahrenheit. If you live in the U.S. South Africa’s seasons are opposite to ours. So their summer is happening when we are in our winter. The rainy season is from September until April, so unless you like being rained on you will prefer to go during the dry season, which is from May to August. Taking your safari in the dry season also means you will see more animals, because they will be gathering more at the watering holes to drink.

This article was just touching the tip of the iceberg on information about Kruger National Park. To learn even more and watch informational video’s you can visit this Kruger National Park.

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Yosemite National Park Travel Guide, Advice and Recommendations

Yosemite National Park, a renowned World Heritage Site located in California, is famous for its exceptional waterfalls, biological diversity, gigantic Sequoia trees, peaceful meadows and granite cliffs. Yosemite is visited by 3.8 million people every year, and their visit is mostly limited to the Yosemite Valley area. For those who revel in adventurous exploration trips there is ample opportunity around every corner if they venture into the back country.

Since the area of Yosemite National Park is fairly large (1,200 square miles), it is necessary for the one day trip planners to choose the appropriate kind of trip that would suit them the best. Specializing in just one activity is best to get the most out of a day trip, and you can choose between sightseeing, hiking, bird watching, biking, horseback riding, rock climbing, swimming, kayaking, skiing and many more. People should also note the season of their visit as the weather here varies widely according to the month and the landscape changes dramatically. So those in want of wonderful weather and scenery should visit in the spring, as that is considered the best overall season. Those who prefer winter activities will find that there are various obstacles which they’ll have to overcome first, as large sections of the park are closed during this time due to the heavy snowfall.

Recommended Activities

The trip that would suit most people would involve hiking. Places like Yosemite Falls, Bridalveil Fall, Cook’s Meadow, and Mirror Lake would offer treasured experiences, and are also family-friendly as the trails are not so demanding. Those who are looking for precarious challenges can try the Wapama Falls, Vernal Fall and Nevada Fall.

People shouldn’t miss the “El Capitan” one of the world’s largest granite monoliths and a magnet for serious rock climbers. Whether you want to enjoy a rapid ascent or go for a 12 day solo expedition that includes this mountain as one aspect, ‘The Big Stone’ is where you should head. But people should take care climbing it, as it is grueling even during the best of conditions; so much so that it is strictly prohibited for beginners. Half Dome is another iconic rock formation in the park, while Glacier Point also offers a respectable challenge.

This national park has plenty in store for enthusiastic bikers. Around 12 miles of lined bike routes and ordinary road are available for the intrepid cyclist to explore. Even guided horseback riding trips are available right through the spring. Yosemite is equally well known for its range of water activities. People can enjoy kayaking, swimming and rafting. Swimming in the Merced River is a wonderful experience and the calm waters of Tenaya Lake are perfect for kayaking. Yosemite is also famous for its winter sports, be it at the fantastic Badger Pass ski resort or more challenging back country cross-country skiing, snowshoeing or snowmobiling.

Booking Yosemite Accommodations

So whatever time of year it may be, Yosemite delivers! Just remember that, being a national park, permits are required for entrance as well as for permission to undertake certain activities such as camping. This national park is extremely popular, so advance booking is required if you want to make sure of your accommodations, although there are some ‘first come, first served’ lodgings including campgrounds and cabins. Campsites and couples cabins in Yosemite are particularly sort after, so get in early!

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